The Comparison Project

The Comparison Project is an experimental effort in a philosophy of religion that is historically grounded and religiously diverse. Our core programming consists of an biennial series of lectures, dialogues, and comparisons on a common religious theme. We work with the religious communities of greater Des Moines to create digital stories by and about them. And students in our comparative religion classes generate supplementary resources to complement our core programming.

Our Next Event:

The Sayings and Missayings of Samuel Beckett

Craig Owens, Associate Professor of English, Drake University Feb. 12, 7 p.m., Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center The narrators of Samuel Beckett’s novels and the characters in his plays fill their worlds with words. In his final trilogy of novels, Nowhow On, these utterances become intensely self-reflective, so much so that they are about uttering itself, …read more


Student Comparisons (Fall 2014 Comparative Religions Course)

Professor Knepper’s Fall 2104 Comparative Religions course studied discourses of ineffability in Zen Buddhism (especially Dogen) and the Hindu theological tradition of Advaita Vedanta. Below are some of the students’ final papers: Isaiah Enockson’s comparative paper Renee Kumon’s comparative paper Ken Kuniy’s comparative paper

Photos from the opening of Performing Ineffability: Art, Poetry, Music

Exhibitions on Art and Ineffability

Drake University’s Comparison Project hosts two exhibitions on art and ineffability during the month of November with opening events on Friday, November 7. The opening events feature poetic and musical performances of ineffability from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in Weeks Gallery, a gallery talk on contemporary abstract painting as a form of wordless communication at …read more